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October Task!

I'd like to keep this one simple...I would like to hear your own voice.

Your task this month will be to write and perform your own piece. A response to something that is happening right now in the world that you feel passionate about.

I'd like you to perform this is the way that feels right for you...this may be a monologue, you may write a small scene and ask someone to read with you, you may sing, you may move.

There is no right or wrong, all I ask is that it's around 1 - 2 minutes and you film it.

If you can start your tape with a short explanation about your piece.

Please upload your finished tape to the link below, labelled with your full name by

Saturday 5th November 1.00pm.

(The link will close at this time).

Enjoy, be brave and bold.

I really look forward to seeing what you all create!




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