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SHiELDS Academy - August 2023

Welcome to August everyone!

I wish you all a wonderful month ahead and making the most of the Summer.

I love this month... as I love working individually with you all in our One to One Sessions. It's great to have some quality time to work through your chosen pieces and chat about anything you need to speak about. It's important to me that SHiELDS offers this time for every one of you!

You also get to work with our wonderful bunch of professionals... all of them wonderful coaches and very talented. They are looking forward to meeting & working with you!

This year, our coaches are...

Adam Rhys Charles - Pro Actor and Voice Coach

Phoebe Taiano - Voice and Accent Coach

Libby Walker - Actor and Producer

We are so lucky to have such wonderful talent supporting you all.

I know since the years of 2020/2021 where online teaching went all a bit crazy due to the circumstances, you were all online for school and all your lessons which must have been tricky!

None of us like to spend hours & hours staring at a screen!!

What I'd like you to do this month, is to take a moment to think about what you find amazing from learning online and what you may find challenging.

Online will never replace being in front of someone in a room, however the benefits and what it opens up for you as an actor in training is really brilliant.

Feel free to share your thoughts with me if you wish.

I hope you have a wonderful month working with your coaches and I will see you soon!

Warm wishes,



PS This is a funny video from a distant online class for you to enjoy!

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