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SHiELDS Academy - December 2022

Eee well we are just about in December, what a year it has been!

This month is going to be a festive, fun celebration of all the great work you've done this year.

You have our wonderful Cameron Jack who will be teaching you online for this Friday's Festive online session. Have a look at the times below to remind yourself...


Friday 2nd December 2022 - Online SHiELDS Academy with Cameron Jack

4.30 - 6.00pm - Group Spielberg and Scott

6.15 - 7.45pm - Group DuVernay and Meyers

Topic: SHiELDS Academy - Newcastle & Stratford Upon Avon - Online Training

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 0807 5194

Passcode: 395175


Another exciting note...

As announced in your last class, your in person session this month will be combined again so we can all get together for some fun Christmas games and of course, our yearly SHiELDS home cinema screening of a popular Christmas film! So bring nibbles, duvets, pillows, whatever you'd like to create your own home cinema and we'll have a fabulous time.

Times for both Stratford Upon and Avon and Newcastle will be 12.00 - 3.00pm.

An email reminder will go out nearer the time : )

I will be putting out a multiple choice option to see which film you would like to watch...

this will be announced at the session!

Have a wonderful December, lots of love as always,



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