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SHiELDS Academy - May 2023

Spring has sprung....welcome to May everyone!

I hope you all absorbed all the fabulous information from our wonderful coaches this month. It was great to see you all immerse yourselves in those scripts. I'm very much looking forward to seeing your tapes for this months home task too.

(Just so you know, sometimes casting directors do ask if i have any footage and on occasion, if I felt it would do you justice, I do show them your tapes! So give it you full attention and love : )

So...if you look in your Academy booklet, you'll see we had this month down asa focus on 'Commercials'.

However, following your individual progress last month, I wan't to keep this momentum and focus on more scripts and naturalism, which we will continue next month too (along with some commercial extras in there!)

I'm excited to say that this Friday, you'll be working with the wonderful actress, Momo Yeung.

Momo has heaps of experience and knowledge to share with you all. Her screen credits include Marvels feature film Dr Strange, Jingle Jangle and TV Series such as The Sandman, Heartstopper, Theodosia and Tell Me Everything.

Momo will be working online with you and covering scripts from Netlfix Series 'Wednesday' and TV Series 'Normal People' for our older group.

Please see the scripts and instructions attached below...

IMPORTANT: Check the times below...I am combining classes as I'd like all ages to work together this month. You can all learn from each other : )

Have a great month,

J x


Friday 5th May - SHiELDS Online Academy

Coach: Momo Yeung

From Momo -- "I'd like the students to rad the scene (no need to memorise lines) and choose the character they'd like to play, then think about what thier character want's from the other person in the scene. Fill in the blanks --

"To get you to...."

Please have a few options ready for class, bring pencil and paper : )"

4.30 - 6.00pm - Group Spielberg & Scott

- 'Wednesday Script'

- NOTES from Momo - Please choose from the following...

Page 18-20 (Scene 19) - From "this Kitty's got claws and she's not afraid to use them!"

Page 26-28 (Scene 23)

You can choose whichever character you want.

6.15 - 7.45pm - Group Meyers & DuVernay

'Normal People' or 'Wednesday' Script

- - NOTES from Momo - Please choose from the following...


Page 18-20 (Scene 19) - From "this Kitty's got claws and she's not afraid to use them!"

Page 26-28 (Scene 23)


'Normal People'

Page 33-35 (Scene 28) - From 'You played well today" until "Yes I thought that was implied but I wasn't sure". You can choose whichever character you want.

Topic: SHiELDS Academy - South Shields & Stratford Upon Avon - Online Training

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 825 0807 5194

Passcode: 395175

A reminder that your in person classes this month are as follows:

South Shields - Sunday 21st May -- The Customs House

12.00 - 3.00pm - Spielberg & DuVernay - COMBINED


Stratford Upon Avon - Sunday 21st May -- Crown Plaza Hotel

12.00 - 3.00pm - Scott & Meyers - COMBINED

Wednesday - Child Is Full of Woe
Download PDF • 4.94MB

Normal People
Download PDF • 238KB

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