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SHiELDS Self tape Challenge - April and May 2024

Welcome to our next Self Tape Challenge!

Well done for last month, I watched some brilliant tapes and I can see the commitment you made to your pieces.

This month... we are looking to Characterisation!

And where better to look than...Disney!

I have selected a few speeches from some well known Disney films over the years. Your task is to select one, film it at home as a self tape and then send it over to me. Exactly like you would receive it in a real time casting.

Can you be brave and bold in your choices??... I know you can! : )

Try not to 'copy' what you have already seen, but use these fantastic performances as inspiration to create your own characterised performance.

Think outside of the box and remember your voice is a very important tool in this.

This is all for all ages.

I'd really like to see some tapes from those people who haven't yet got involved...

You know who you are : )

A reminder that I often show these tapes to Casting Directors or Directors who ask about you and our socials are followed by many industry pros.


Please choose one monologue from the document below.

Self Tape this with a short ident at the start, including your first name, age and a little about why you choose this piece.

Upload your tape to the link below on or before Thursday 16th May - 5.00pm.

Please keep your tape under 150mb please.

I look forward to seeing your tapes : )

Have fun and enjoy!



SHiELDS Self Tape Challenge - April and May 2024
Download PDF • 1.75MB

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