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SHiELDS Self tape challenge - February and March 2024

Hey everyone!

So, this is our first Self Tape Challenge on 2024... and yes, it is a challenge!!!

I wanted you to really 'challenge' yourself on this one. So I've decided to offer you one scene and more time to explore.

For Group Spielberg, you will be looking at a scene from the feature film, 'I am Sam'.

For Group DuVernay, you will be looking at the monologue from the award winning series, 'The Bear'.

Both are emotionally challenging scenes. Use the time we have to put in the research and commitment to bringing a real and raw performance. I know you are all capable.

Remember, this is for camera. Both pieces can be any gender, so adjust accordingly as needed.

Your submission date is Friday 15th March.

Please upload your tape to the link below, labelled with the following:


Your file must be compressed to under 150mb. -- This is really important. Often, CD's won't even look at a tape if they have asked you to compress it, and you haven't.

So... you have just under 4 weeks : )

I'd like you to be off script by then. (And yes... I can tell when you are reading from a script on a self tape!)

We will watch all tapes in our Academy session on 17th March.

I'll choose one stand out tape to share on our instagram, which is seen and followed by many casting directors : )

Enjoy the process, pace yourself. You can do it!!!




The Bear (2022) - Carmy
Download PDF • 39KB

I am Sam
Download PDF • 19KB


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