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SHiELDS Self Tape Challenge - November 2023

Welcome to another month of our SHiELDS Self Tape Challenge!

I'm really enjoying seeing all your tapes over these past months, keep up the great work!

As always, anyone wanting individual feedback, reach out and I can share some thoughts with you.

This month is slightly different...

A simple, fun task.

Instructions - ALL Groups

Please film your self tape in the usual set up, however this time I would like you to record only a slate/ident. This means you will look into the camera on this occasion.

Please include the following on your tape...

- First name and age

- Please tell us a funny story about yourself or tell us a joke!

Keep it natural and unique to you.

Thats it.... have fun!! : )

Please upload this month's tape to the link below, on or before Monday 4th December at 6.00pm

I look forward to seeing you tapes


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