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Home Task - February 2023 - SHiELDS Academy

Hey everyone !

Great work this month, I hope you all feel a lot more confident and ready to tackle any commercial scripts that may come your way. With a lot of these scenarios, it's all about being realistic, following the directions given to you and using you imagination/personality to bring it to life!

On that note...your task this month is a Mock Casting for a Sports Direct Commercial.

Please see the attached script below. There is a blue and yellow script.

The blue script is the "female footballer scene" and the yellow script is the "male barbour kid".

Regardless of your age group, please choose the script that applies to you.

Please upload your tapes on or before Wednesday 1st March 2023, 5.00pm (when the folder will be closed). I would like your tapes sent back as one compressed file, fully labelled with name and role via the link below:

Please note: This month, I will be offering face to face feedback for your tapes as we will watch them all together in your class.... I know you all love that! : )

I know it may feel a little scary to allow others to watch your tape, remember we're all in this together, all in the same boat and supporting each other. It's great to watch other actors and learn so be brave!!

Have fun and I look forward to seeing your tapes!



SHiELDS Academy - February Task
Download PDF • 98KB

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