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SHiELDS Self Tape Challenge - October 2023

Welcome to this month's self tape challenge!

This is a fun opportunity for you to practice your self taping skills whilst getting your best acting boots on! This isn't a mandatory task, however I encourage you to be brave and go for it!

Each month, I will choose one tape from each group who I felt would be best suited for the role and has been most authentic and honest. This person's tape will be shared with our Instagram and facebook audience. You never know who may see it!

You will see attached the monologues/scenes for your Academy group.

Please upload this month's tape to the link below, on or before Monday 6th November 6.00pm

Enjoy and I look forward to seeing you tapes!


Group Spielberg - SHiELDS Self Tape Challenge - October 2023
Download PDF • 35KB

Group DuVernay - SHiELDS Self Tape Challenge - The Young Victoria - October 2023
Download PDF • 62KB

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